Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's been a while...

since I have written on my blog...again!
Much has changed.
Much hasn't.
It's summertime and usually that means having fun and relaxing and not going to school but still working. But for me, this time at least, I'm working 15.5 hours a week and taking 7 credit hours of class...History and Chemistry {BLAH}
The good news is that I have taken both of these classes already and so they should be fairly easy...just a review. Yes, you are correct, I failed two classes last semester and have to retake them in order to get my AA.
Of the things that has changed:
I now live on my own!
Well, kinda. I live with a roommate and learning a lot from that in itself but I am enjoying it a lot. I moved really close to downtown which is where I work and go to school, so everything is really close.
I was given a bike by the parents of a good friend of mine. I plan to start riding it to class and work very soon. I just need to buy a bike lock first!

My sister came to visit Missouri!!!! I was so thrilled when my mom suprised me with this news. I wasn't able to see her for very long but it's okay because I know she had a lot of other people to see here other than me. Plus, I've been to Utah to see her 2 times in the past year so I can't complain too much!
I have a boyfriend now {it's weird to say that} His name is Josh. He is one of the roommates of my best guy friend, Chris. He is a sweetheart and such an amazing guy :)
Here is a picture of us when we took a little day trip to Branson:

What else? What else?
Oh! I cut off all my hair! I'll put up before and after pictures of that soon. And I pierced my nose. I like it a lot. You can kinda see it in the picture of Josh and me.
I've also decided to work on the person I am now in order to become a better person that I am more happy with! I've made a list of goals and am going to do my best to improve little things about myself each day. I just have to remember that if I don't succeed in something one day I can't give up. I have to just try it again the next day. I'm looking forward to challenging myself!
That's all for now. Pictures of my hair {before and after} later. And who knows! Maybe even other good stuff to come too!

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  1. Chelsea, I love and miss you.
    It is good to work on yourself, but we cannot be good on our own. If we don't rely on Jesus, our good deeds are as filthy rags.
    Happiness is temporary, but joy is eternal when it is from the right source. I want that joy for you!!