Monday, February 28, 2011

Excitement and Fun Pictures

I just sat down and looked through all my pictures I took of my 30 items and figured out my outfits for the rest of the 30 days!! 
I'm not going to give up. Although believe me, the thought has crossed my mind more than a few times!
I think that now, because I have ideas picked out, it will be much easier for me to want to do this than feel like I have to do this. 
I have a new wave of motivation for this endeavor that I have taken on. 

So you are probably asking "where are these fun pictures I was promised?" 
Here they are:
So...Mario is pretty much the coolest thing ever :)

How cute! I love pinguins. 

Me gusta :)

I don't really do this. 

I want to bake again soon! I LOVE to bake.

The moment I have my own place to live there will be a fort. There's no question about that.

Pink isn't my favorite but ruffles and poofy-ness are pretty amazing :)

I want to live in a forest. In a log cabin. For some period of my life.


12 of 30 ~ Branson and Birthdays

I wore this outfit last Thursday. I haven't worn any more 30 for 30 outfits since then though. 

Brown necklace: gift from my grandma belonged to her mother
Door hinge necklace: found and crafted by me

Today I'm exhausted and I'm not really sure why. I think I'm going to go to bed at like 8pm tonight though :)
Yesterday was so much fun. I went and hung out with my dad and I showed him the songs I've learned in my Piano 1 class. He was really proud of me :) Then we drove down to Branson and walked up and down The Landing for about an hour and just talked and enjoyed ourselves. We didn't go in any of the stores..just walked and sat outside by the water for a bit. As I was driving down to see my dad and driving to Branson I remembered how much I LOVE driving on the highway. I miss it a lot. I think I'm gonna have to figure out somewhere to go over Spring Break...even if it's just for a day. 

I realized something last night....MY BIRTHDAY IS NEXT WEEK!!!!! 9 days away to be exact! I'm gonna be 21..weird.
And then Spring Break is the week after that! 


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

11 of 30 ~ Play and Crafts

Button Necklace: Handmade by me

Yesterday was a really relaxed day. I didn't feel like looking nice (I woke up at 5am when I'm used to getting up at 7am because my back hurt so bad and didn't really ever go back to sleep) but I want to do this 30 for 30 (and I kind of have to since it is now a class assignment) so I did my best. As the day went on I got to feeling much better :)
We had the first night of play rehearsal for the Spring play! They read through the first act and got to know each other better. There are 29 people in the cast so this should be an interesting show! I'm not in the play (have never really wanted to be) but I am kinda like the costume designers assistant. I'm really excited about it too!!!!

Last night and this morning at work I have been looking at craft blogs! I'm getting so excited for Spring because of the beautiful weather and for Spring break so I can do some fun sewing projects! My mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday (coming up in March!!) and I told her that I mainly wanted some fabric so I can make some stuff for the summer.
I want to make this skirt:
and something similar to these pants:
Now I know the pants are for kids but I think I'm just gonna take apart a pair of better fitting-not so baggy sweats that fit but I don't wear and trace the pattern from them. I think I want to make them have a drawstring too. And some pockets! :)
I also was inspired by the first floral dress from here:
I have an old vintage sheet that I've been wanting to make a skirt from but I think I wanna make a dress instead now :) I'm SOO excited!!! 
Once I get these projects done I will post pictures. Promise :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 of 30 ~ Day Dreams

This was my outfit for Monday. I wore my brown leather jacket (because it was much cooler than I thought it would be) and my red shoes. Sorry you can't see them..I had to be my own photographer :)
I liked the random colors together..purple (belt), navy, green and red!
I also took time to do my hair and makeup. And I wore contacts instead of my glasses!! I feel much more put together this way :)
I'm starting to feel like I'm running out of outfits. I know this isn't true because there are still pieces I haven't worn yet but they are dresses and I haven't felt like wearing tights lately. Guess I'm just gonna have to get over that soon!
I've been reading more and more crafty blogs and now all I want to do is live in a little old house and decorate it all cute and sew and bake all the time! The guy I end up with (hopefully) makes a good amount of money because I would much rather stay home and keep everything clean and picked up and cook and work from home making things :)
(I know I know...keep dreaming. But I will :) I'm gonna keep dreaming until it comes true!)

 (Not sure where I found this picture because it was a long time ago but it was on Google)

Hope you have a wonderful day. I'll try to post again tonight with todays outfit to get caught up.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mannequins and Sand Paper

For Christmas my mom got me an adjustable mannequin for my sewing. It looked cool but my mom had the idea of dressing it up. I had a cute blue dress on it that I made in high school and this week when I came home one evening she had changed her and I LOVED the outfit. So much so that I'm going to post a picture of it!

I think the reason I love this outfit so much is because since I bought the jacket, skirt and belt I haven't worn them more than two or three times. I think the other reason that I love this outfit is because my mom was the one who picked it out :)
Way to go mom!!!!!!!
Also, we gave her a name. Annie Marie. We were trying to think of famous women without heads. We thought of Marie Antoinette!
I like it :)

This evening my mom and I started a project that we plan to work on together. We were storing some old furniture at my uncles office and we got it all from him today and started sanding it down. 

It is just an old cabinet with a skeleton lock. That picture is before we cleaned it off.
These pictures are our start on it:

Hope you had a fabulous Saturday :)

Day Nine ~ Duct Tape

Day nine was actually on Thursday. Friday and today (Saturday) have been relaxing days. It seems like I do that every weekend. Sorry about that. It's just that I don't really do much on the weekends and when I do I want to be comfortable. 

Thursdays outfit: 

Thursday in my costume design class we did a team building project and we were challenged to make a dress out of duct tape. This was our final project:

We found the go-go boots in a box with costumes from past plays that the school has done and thought they were perfect :) We kept saying that she looked like Daphne from Scooby-Doo but cuter! It was a fun project that was challenging and helped us grow closer to work better as a team.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day Eight ~ Good Morning Post

So last night while watching Harry Potter: Year Two I was looking back at my older posts and saw that when I tried to display my 30 (29) items it looked HORRIBLE! So I took my sisters advice and signed up for photobucket. I'm always afraid to use new sites, not sure why...maybe because I don't know how to use them haha! That's why I have never explored photobucket before. But it really was easy to use. I used the collage edit thing and now it looks so much better! I'm really glad I overcame my fear and tried it out :)
(you should go check it out!! right now. run. go!) (and then leave me sweet comments telling me how good it looks!)

Outfit Time:
So I knew that I wouldn't be home tonight right after class and that I wouldn't want to take pictures when I did get home so I made sure to get outside this morning before I left for work. YAY!!!

Ok. I love the outfit...don't love how I look today :)
The cardigan is wrinkled because it has been in the back of my car for a while and I finally cleaned it out last night! (and because I'm too lazy to throw it in the dryer to fluff for 5 minutes)
And my hair!!! Oh my what am I going to do with it?! I say that to myself every morning but then I just remind myself that I was the one who decided to cut it all off last summer and now I'm the one who has to deal with the "growing out" phase. No me gusta! 
I guess I could straighten it every day...or try to curl it. Yeah! Maybe I'll do that this weekend and you can tell me what you think! 

I've written a lot today..sorry :/ It's just because I'm at work...Alone at the front desk. And when I try to cheerfully say hi to the students that walk in who are still half asleep I just get glares so I have to take my energy out somewhere! (lucky you right!?) 

Have an absolutely wonderfully marvelous day! 

P.S. I'm really happy right now so I want to leave you with a picture that makes me even more happy:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day Seven (Tuesday)

It started getting warmer over the weekend and today was great but there was a bit of a cool breeze (no me gusta) that made it a bit too cold but it was still nice. 
I got this dress as a birthday gift a year or two ago and haven't worn it much but I love it. I think I'm hesitant with wearing it because there are so many different colors and lots of colors scare me. Or used to at least...I'm starting to like color!

navy cardigan - sams club
dress - delias (gift)
boots - gift from my mom
tights - who knows!?
belt - thrifted
orange heart necklace - old navy
door hinge necklace - made by me

I had a bit of a stressful day but I'm feeling much better now. Good long talk with my mother, great dinner of spaghetti and ice cream and now I'm watching Harry Potter-Year Two! 
 Cute picture :)

P.S. Check out last Fridays outfit..I updated it with a real picture of me!

My Excuse...

You're probably wondering how day six is Friday and day seven is Tuesday. Okay...maybe not. You probably already figured out that I just didn't do the 30 for 30 over the weekend. 
But I have a great excuse as to why!! Promise :)
Wanna hear? Well I was very very stressed on Saturday and Sunday and just didn't have the energy to put effort into finding an outfit from my 30 items that I was comfortable enough in to face the day. And then Monday I didn't do anything except stay home from work and school because I was sick.
That's not true. I did clean out some of the drawers in my room and do some final touches on my art project and watch the first Harry Potter movie!!! (they are so cute when they are young) 

Me gusta Harry Potter! 
I plan to watch them every night this week!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day Six (Friday)

So when I got home Friday after work I was so excited to take pictures but my photographer wasn't home and as I realized this I also remembered they wouldn't be home for the rest of the night. So I just did a bunch of sewing in my sweats, went to chill with some friends for a bit and came home to crash. (I might just put the outfit back on and update this post in a few days with real pictures of me!!!)
(Here is the nice picture of me in the cute outfit!)

cardigan - sams club
shirt - delias (birthday gift)
skirt - old navy
tights - who knows!
boots - gift
belt - target
yellow necklace - gift from my grandma (belonged to her mother!!)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Day Five (Thursday)

I promise I will catch up on my outfit days soon! :)
And, unfortunately, I have yet again failed to bring you a real picture of the outfit.
It is hard to take pictures every day because I'm always rushing out the door in the morning, gone all day at work and school, then hanging out at my friends house, then home (sometimes early enough that pictures can be taken) but by then I usually just want to take a shower and change and relax. I'm always too tired to try to look cute for a few pictures. 

sweater - new york learner
jeans - old navy
boots - found online

I wore the boots outside of my jeans and wore the sweater as a longer shirt (my cousin has the same sweater and she wears it as a dress with leggings) I never wear this top but it was so soft and warm that I think I will most definitely hang on to it for next winter! 
Every morning I feel like I have nothing to wear when I look at the section of my closet that has my 30 items. And if I can find an outfit that I like I never feel like wearing it because it's too cold outside or just because I'm too tired and want to go back to bed! But next week it should be up into the upper 50s lower 60s so I shouldn't be complaining as much :)

I hope you have a wonderful Friday full of fun and laughter. 
(sounds cheesy but I really hope you do)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day Four (Wednesday)

I apologize that again I don't have a picture of me for you. Just pictures of the items I wore. 
Yesterday was so hard to make myself wear something from my 30 items. It has been freezing cold (literally) with either wind, snow or a combination of the two every day for 2 weeks (or so it seems). 
No me gusta!
I'm ready for Spring. Cute skirts and dresses with light jackets and cardigans!! My fav. I plan to do the 30 for 30 again in the Spring with Kendi Everyday so I'll be able to show off what my style is better. I don't have many winter clothes so I just layer up and hope to stay warm in the winter. But only having 30 items makes it hard to layer up... especially if all I want to wear is sweats and I'm supposed to be trying to look cute. 

Any-who... here are your pictures for yesterdays outfit :)

shirt - old navy
jeans - old navy
converse - who knows!

I wore this with a black zip up hoodie that I embellished myself (okay, maybe that's cheating but it's COLD OUTSIDE!!!) and also with a short chained small cream anchor necklace. 
So exciting, I know! Right?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day Three (Tuesday)

I am sorry to report that you will not be seeing a picture of me wearing this outfit. But I will give you pictures of the pieces I wore! (no picture was taken because I was working on my art project all evening after school and work) (I will post a picture of the project when it is done!)

button up - old navy
jeans - old navy
converse - who knows! ;)

And that is my outfit for Tuesday. 
It has been really cold and is still snowing outside so I didn't want to wear a skirt or dress and was just feeling a bit frumpy and wanted to be warm. Well the shirt didn't keep me too warm but I didn't freeze to death so everything is good :) 

Day Two (Monday)

dress - old navy
cardigan - old navy
tights - who knows! ;)
boots - shoe carnival
belt - target
necklace - belonged to my great grandmother

I LOVED this outfit. I have been reading a lot of fashion blogs for a few months now and I always see people wearing different prints together. Now first off I am not one who usually wears print. A few of my dresses have prints but most of the rest of my clothes are one plain solid color. So to put two different prints together was a little scary but I love how it turned out! My biggest issue with this outfit is that the cardigan is pink. Now don't get me wrong, pink is a nice color, but I don't like it. I have that cardigan and a pink and cream lace scarf that are the only things I own in that color. But I kinda like the pink and grey together like this :)

Day One (Sunday)

shirt - old navy
sweater - old navy
pants - new york learner
boots - shoe carnival 
button necklace - made by me
yellow watch - purchased in utah

Okay, so not the best picture but you get the idea :)
Day one was fairly easy to pick out. I was going to a friends to hang out and do homework and just wanted to be warm and comfortable.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

30 for 30 Items

So this is what I have chosen for my 30 items: 

5 Short Sleeved Shirts:
(L to R) Target, Old Navy, Old Navy, Deilas, Old Navy

2 Long Sleeved Shirts:
(L to R) Old Navy, Kohals?

3 Sweaters:
(L to R) Old Navy, New York Learner, Old Navy

4 Cardigans and Jackets:
(L to R) Sams Club, Old Navy, Old Navy, Found Online (gift)

4 Dresses:
(L to R) Old Navy, Forever 21, Target, Delias

3 Skirts:
(L to R) Old Navy, Forever 21, Target

3 Pants:
(L to R) New York Learner, Old Navy, Old Navy

5 Shoes:
(L to R) Shoe Carnival?, Shoe Carnival, Shoe Carnival, Found Online (gift), Found Online

Now if you count this only adds up to 29. I might throw something else in as the month goes on :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have bad news. My 30 for 30 will not be starting today. I have been snowed in to my friends house. I was planning on finishing picking my items and editing all the pictures to show you guys last night in a post but then after I figured out school was canceled today (at 8pm last night) so I decided to stay at my friends house.
This is my plan:
When school starts again (maybe tomorrow...maybe Thursday) I will start my 30 for 30. So I will just be extending mine a few days past everyone else.

Well here is a picture my friend Matt posted on his facebook of what it looks like outside:
I'm gonna go play more Super Nintendo with my friends and enjoy the rest of the day. Good luck with your first outfit if you are doing the 30 for 30!!