Monday, November 15, 2010

Me and Josh

A friend performed at the Skinny Improv this summer a few times for open mic night. He's very funny by the way.
This picture was taken when a bunch of us got to go and watch him.
I like it a lot. :)

Christmas Time...

Is unwantingly approaching too fast. Starting a few years back I all of a sudden stopped liking the winter season and along with it all the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas have never really been my favorite because of being so picky. I always hated going to the family dinners (or lunch) because I would never eat what everyone else was having and all of my family felt the need to say something about it.
Every single person. Every holiday.
It became very annoying and I didn't want to go anymore. But a few years ago I stopped enjoying Christmas music. It bothers me how it is already being played on the radio (so I hear) and I don't like all the decorations. I think it is a waste of money. I don't think it is appropriate to put them up until after Thanksgiving and not until December. Companies spend too much money on all of it and so do we as families.
Now, don't get me wrong, I love when I spend money on the people I'm close to and I get to see their excited faces when they open their gift. But honestly I could do without. I have everything that I need to survive. That I would ever need to be entertained or happy. So I don't understand why people feel the need to buy tons and tons of gifts for each other. Maybe things are not like that for you. I'm sure for bigger families its one, maybe two gifts per person. But being raised as mostly an only child (although I love my sister so much!!!) has spoiled me and I fear that I will be spoiled for the rest of my life. From my mother that is. (I love you mom!!)
I know she means well and I have to remind myself about how excited I get when I buy people presents...she probably gets that excited too and that is why she does it. :)
(Mom, I didn't say all of this for any particular reason. Please don't return the gifts you have already got me ;)
Basically I think I'm a big Scrooge. The music, the lights, the snowflakes hanging from the street lights as I drive down the road. It all bothers me.
And the fact that hardly anyone celebrates the holidays as they were originally intended bothers me too.
In other news...I'm very happy today! I'm enjoying the day for what it is and trying to embrace it :)
I know it probably doesn't sound like it with the whole speech I just gave :/
Life is good.
School is school but it will be over soon! 30 days after today, including the weekends!!
I'm finding things to do to fill in my time and make me more productive :)
My friends are great.
I'm really starting to appreciate them more and more every day. They are always there for me and willing to listen.
I love my family.
My mom and I have been getting along really well lately. I'm trying to watch my tone (not sure how well I am succeeding) and she is being very patient with me. We've been spending more time together and she has really been helping me out doing different things. I plan to see my dad sometime this week and I'm excited about that. My sister and I have been sharing outfits and clothing ideas we like or want to try. It's so much fun being able to talk to her about fashion!!!
Josh is the best!
I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have a guy that is so patient and understanding and forgiving. I don't know how I got him but I did and I'm gonna do everything I can not to let go! :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


It's weird to know that things are going to change but they haven't yet. I can't help but to be overly anxious about it knowing that it is just around the corner but still not quite within my grasp. But I'm starting to realize that I need to enjoy and embrace my life as it is now. To see how lucky I am and to take advantage of the people in my life and this chapter of things that I am doing. And to not get too caught up in what is to come. To love the here and now because that is all that we know we have.
A friend of mine, Marissa, posted a note on facebook last night talking about how our lives change. And how we can get so caught up in what we are doing in our lives currently that we forget all the fun things that we experienced in the past. Things that have helped to make us who we are today. "Life is taking me where it wants to take me. I'm just sitting in a car without a destination too busy watching the road to look out the windows and enjoy the scenery."
I think she is so right...we can be so busy or even not too busy but the things we do make us tired and we don't want to do any more even though we have the time, that we can miss out on so much. Get caught up in school and work and not enjoy our friends and the excitement of being young.
That's my thought of the day.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

*A little update on trying to keep away from dairy.
It's going better than I expected but not as good as I had hoped.
I tried soy milk the other day and it was okay but it was the vanilla flavor, not the original which I think I will end up liking a lot more.
*I found a plain black XL mens shirt to make leggings out of! But I have not done it yet. The shirt is now in my crafts drawer and will most likely stay there for a while :(
Funny though because the day after I found and purchased the t-shirt to make the leggings out of my mom told me she had just ordered me 4 new pairs of leggings!! And she had just taken me to Sam's Club and bought me two pairs of plain black ones the weekend before. So now I am the proud owner of 8 pairs of leggings! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them all but I'm excited and very much a happy camper!!!
*The move did not/is not happening. Well..not to that house at least. A few problems came up and the landlord and I decided that we were both okay with me not moving there. No big deal. Bigger and better things have shown themselves and I'm more excited than ever!!
*I signed up for my class for next semester. I'm taking Chemistry as a hybrid class. That means the majority of the class will be done online but I will meet my class and teacher at the school on five different Saturdays through out the semester to do labs. I think this will be perfect for me because wanting to go to class is a big problem for me. I DO go but I never really want to. Also, this will give me more time to work. I plan to be working full time and no longer living at home next semester.
*My sister suprised me last night and had created a blog for us to share fashion stuff on. I think this will be a really fun/cool way to get ideas from each other and keep in contact in a different way.
*I got to hang out and catch up with my friend Laura last night. She brought along her new baby girl and she is just the cutest thing! (Other than my nephew of course!) I've known Laura for about 5 or 6 years now and we have not seen each other too much lately so it was nice to catch up and talk for a while!
*There are 36 days until my classes and finals are over!!
That's all I can think of for now :)
I'm trying to do better about blogging so bare with me.