Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day -1...

So yesterday was very busy and I didn't get a chance to post. I do apologize.
I had a wonderful birthday! Thank you to everyone who I was able to spend time with and to everyone who sent me birthday wishes.
I had history class at 10am (blah) and then went thrifting/flea marketing with 2 good friends and found some really cute dishes and a pitcher/glass set. I'll put pictures up sometime soon but I'm very happy with my purchases! :D
I had to work from 3:30 to 8:30 and that was a bit boring but my friend Mallory came to visit me the last few minutes I was there so that was nice. Then off to play rehearsal I went. Got done about 40 minutes early there and enjoyed a nice talk for about an hour with my good friend Chris. Went home, Facebooked it up for a while and then my head quickly found the pillow!
While I was at work I got to chat with my sister for a while over Gmail. We kind of decided what we were going to do while I'm there visiting her over Spring Break....lots of sewing! I'm so excited about this.!!!! I'll try to remember to take pictures of the things we make and my time there so I can post them! :)
Today is BEAUTIFUL outside and I'm so excited to get out of class to enjoy the suns warmth!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 1...

You know, I'm kind of getting sick of the idea of having a routine. I just want to be able to do what I want when I want and not have anything holding me back but knowing that I can always come home and my family will be there for me. I'm assuming that this feeling sprouted from today in my Sophomore Seminar: Travel Through Life and Literature class. We took our first test today and one of the questions was about a monologue from the movie Easy Rider.
The monologue was given by George in the last campfire scene and he is talking about freedom.
George and Billy are talking and George tells Billy that many Americans don't want him and Wyatt around because they represent freedom. Billy says "...That's what it's all about" and George responds with "Oh yeah, that's right. That's what it's all about. But talking about it and being it...that's two different things. I mean, it's real hard to be free when you are bought and sold in the marketplace. Don't tell anybody that they're not free, because they'll get busy killing and maiming to prove to you that they are. They're going to talk to you and talk to you and talk to you about individual freedom but they see a free individual, it's going to scare them."
I know that if most people didn't live their lives in an orderly way we would have chaos and nothing would get done in our communities but I want to spend some of my time free. I want to travel and come and go as I please. I want to meet people, spend time with them, talk to them, learn their story, their life, learn who they are. I want to see things. Lots of things. Everything.
In that same class we also just finished a book called On The Road by Jack Kerouac. I loved that book and if you haven't read it I would suggest doing so.
Well, approximately twenty more minutes until I'm officially 20 years of age.
Sleep well world.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 2...

Today was great. Church was wonderful. My cousin came with me and after we met his mom and they bought me lunch at Mexican Villa (again I know but it was still great!!) I also got a huge bag of Reece's Pieces from them! I've already opened them!! :D
My mom was kind enough to go wash my car, after I cleaned the inside, without telling me! Now I'm doing homework and cleaning my room. Mom bet me 5 bucks that I wouldn't get it clean before midnight...I'm gonna win!
Rehearsal starts tomorrow. It officially started last week but we only had one rehearsal. So this week starts rehearsal 5 nights a week. I'm gonna be tired and a bit stressed but it will all be good!
Exciting news: I got an e-mail today saying that someone would be in contact with me sometime this week to set up my phone interview for the internship that I applied to in Oregon for this fall!!!!! Only about one month until I find out if I got it or not.
Now for something birthday related:
I thought I would look up some stuff about the year I was born: 1990.
*On the Top 100 Hits of 1990 number twenty was "Don't Know Much" by Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville. I thought this was kind of funny because I have the cassette tape with this song on it!
More later (tomorrow probably) because I only have 20 minutes left to finish cleaning my room...I'm gonna get that 5 bucks!

Day 3...

So tonight was great! I met about 7 of my friends at Mexican Villa (one of my favorite places to eat in Springfield) and had a great time there! Then we all went downtown to The Albatross (a hookah lounge) and got two hookahs. That was a lot of fun too. After that we went to Andy's and I tried a Cookie Casanova but instead of nuts and caramel I got peanut butter...and instead of vanilla custard I got chocolate. It was really good but REALLY rich!
I also opened my birthday presents from my mom today. She got me two long dresses from Old Navy, two short sleeved cardigans to go with them, a skirt and button up shirt. I loved the dresses SOOO much and even wore one for tonight. My mom also paid for me and one of my best friends, Mallory, to go and get a pedicure. It was the first time I'd ever done that and it was really nice. I chose a pretty shade of bright green and I really like it!
After dinner, my other best friend, Karissa, gave me my present. She made me some BEAUTIFUL white rose stud earrings and got me the movie "500 Days of Summer". I'm excited to watch it!
As I was getting out of the car at Andy's, though, I saw Karissa's card that she made me sitting in my passenger seat. At the top it says "Happy 20th birthday Chelsea!" I started thinking, "I'm going to be 20 on Tuesday!!!" That means I will no longer be considered a "teenager". I haven't personally considered myself a teenager for about a year or two now but I know others have. Not trying to say that I think I'm really mature and know a lot about life or anything like that because I know that's not true. I know that I don't. But I just didn't really think about still being a "teenager" once I was in college. I was just eighteen or nineteen.
20. Twenty. The big 2-0.
I'm not sure how I feel about it. I mean, yes, it is exciting.
20. The start of a new decade for me. I've been alive for twenty years (almost).
Buuutt...20. Twenty! TWENTY!?! I don't know how to describe it. It just feels weird.
Some people say that age is just a number. Some people say that age really does matter. I don't know what I think about it. But I do know that I don't think I've ever sat and thought about turning a year older this much. Hmm...well all I have left to say is in 3 days I will be twenty...and I'm kind of excited about it :D

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 4...

So I thought for today's blog I would post a few pictures from my birthday last year. A friend of mine, Joe, and I celebrated our birthday's together because mine is the 9th and his is the 10th. We got a bunch of people together and rode down to the Branson Landing. We went to eat at Garfields, hung out on the landing and drove down the strip. Then came back to my house and had cake.

Joe and Me:

The Group:
Well, it's late and I've had a SUPER long day.
I'm gonna go enjoy some sweet sleep...


Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 5...

Ha! So I know I said I would post something every day...and technically (to me anyway) I still am. Even though it is Friday because the clock has passed's still Thursday to me! So here we go.
I've decided to tell you a little about myself for this blog. I'm not sure if any of it will be interesting or not but since I just jumped right into blogging and didn't share much about who I am as a person I figured I might as well do that now.

*My name is Chelsea Loren`. I love my name. Thanks mother and father.
*I love Jesus. I am thankful for Him loving me.
*I'm trying to grow in my relationship with the Lord but it is a struggle. I am human and He understands that and continues to love me for who I am and thinks that I am beautiful...inside and out. It's a good reminder to hear that as a girl.
*I am short. Only five feet tall. I get made fun of a lot because of it. But I enjoy the jokes and don't take any of it personally so no worries.
*I have freckles. Not right now (in the winter) but in the summer they come out of hiding. I love when people have freckles and are proud to show them off.
*I love to dance. I took clogging for 5 years and jazz/hip-hop for 5 years growing up. I miss it. I don't think I could do it again though.
*Walking in the snow at night alone or walking in the warm rain are two of my favorite things to do.
*I enjoy people watching. One of my favorite hobbies.
*I don't do it much but thrifting is another favorite hobby.
*I love the feeling of the warm sun on my skin. Sometimes after I've come home before I go inside I'll park my car so the sun is on the drivers seat and lay my seat back and just close my eyes and absorb the goodness the sun joyously gives away while listening to my music at a really low volume. So low that I can barely hear it.
*I would say that I am very old fashioned in many areas of thinking. Dating, clothes, cars, houses, music, movies are all better how they used to be back in the day. Way before I was born unfortunately.
*I want to move to Oregon in the near future. I hope that if it's supposed to it will work out. If not in the near future then sometime in my life.
*I love the sound of peoples voices. It doesn't matter really what pitch or if it is a male or female speaking. I love hearing how people pronounce words. The order in which they place them. The fact that they are willing to open up to the world a little and share what is on their mind and their heart.
*I love realizing more and more each day that people think differently than I do. I'm learning how to accept this fact and work with it and enjoy it.
*Ever since high school I have been very uncomfortable around people. I don't do well in big groups. If I am around or have recently been around close friends who I am myself completely with I will usually speak out and seem fine. It takes me a while to warm up to people and have the courage to speak what is on my mind but I am still usually uncomfortable about the situation.
*I love being introduced to new music. I love hearing new and different ways people express themselves.
*I enjoy being challenged mentally.
*I learned one and a half years ago that I enjoy doing hard physical labor. I like the feeling of being covered in dirt and sweat and not caring what I look like so long as I'm being productive.
*Going along with that I will say that I hate the feeling of sweat in the summer when I'm doing nothing but sitting still. It irritates me greatly.
*I've learned that situations are only awkward if you allow them to be. I'm learning to enjoy "awkward silences" as others might call them. I think of them as "unexpected silences". They are sometimes needed.
*I like being unique. I'm thankful to the Lord that He made each and every person different. I like doing things in a way that people wouldn't usually expect them to be done. I like catching people off guard. Keeps them on their toes.
*I've noticed the past 6 months or so that I am growing and changing a lot. I don't know if everyone goes through periods in their life that are so noticeable like it has been for me. I don't know if I will ever go through something like this again. I hope I do. I'm enjoying seeing myself change and being able to verbally say what it is that I am learning about myself and about life.
*I greatly enjoy sewing. I hope to go to Africa one day and teach people there how to sew. I think it would be amazing to get to work with women who have gotten out of sex trafficking. But I'm willing to take anything the Lord has planned for me.
This has been longer than expected. I could keep going but maybe I'll just save the rest for a rainy day.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 6...

So I said I would share something every day until my birthday. (I'm not sure I said this..but I meant something birthday/me related.) I was thinking about it and trying to figure out what I was going to share..maybe my favorite birthday - I can't think of what that would be. The best present I ever got - not sure.
So I guess I'll share some more pictures:

I also love is a cool Elvis cake:
That's all I guess! More tomorrow :D

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 7...

My birthday is in exactly 1 week! I'm very excited to be turning 20 years old and would like to celebrate it by sharing something different every day until then. I don't know what I'll be sharing each day but this is giving me a reason to blog every day for at least a week!
I love peacocks and have for a very long here are some peacock cakes that I liked:

This one is just adorable: