Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Photo Update

Hello hello hello!!!
I have pictures of recent happenings that I would like to share!


Remember the cabinate that my mom and I started working on a while ago. Well that was probably the only day I worked on it. She did the rest of the sanding, staining and decorating the inside. I feel bad that I didn't help more but she did a wonderful job!! I love it so much :)
Here is the inside:

The cherry color from the wood bled through onto the paper but I'm okay with it. I kind of like it like that! Gives it more character. 
We used tissue paper and mod-podge for the inside. 

Next is pictures of my clay/plaster project that I told you I was working on. 
This is the picture that inspired the design:
Founders Park just behind where I work and go to school. I love this park.

This is the clay before I poured the plaster:
I had to carve the oposite of what I wanted the plaster to look like. It was kind of hard to work backwards. 

This is the plaster after it was poured, dried and taken off the clay:
All that's left is to clean off the rest of the clay and patch the cracks. It is currently in 5 pieces but my teacher said that it was an easy fix. I will post another picture of what it looks like this Friday when it is being displayed at Art Walk! 

I also made Easter cookies:

They look a bit strange but they were wonderful!!
This is where I found the recipe.
After I explained that they were green because of food coloring and that they were supposed to look like Easter eggs hidden in the grass people warmed up to the idea of having one and didn't regret it! :)

This is a picture of some of the arms that I told you about:
 There are a lot more that we are putting up today. I'll take more pictures :)

This one is mine:
It is braided hemp wrapped around the arm. I love it!
I have a few more that will be put up today. I'm so excited!!! I love having my artwork displayed.

That's all for now.

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