Monday, May 2, 2011


Everything went well for the first weekend of the show. One more show next Saturday then we are done! I have a raincoat to make this week and only one arm left to paint. But it is gonna be the hardest one to do. (Thankfully I have a great teacher who's gonna help me!!)
I'm working on art walk stuff this week during work so I should get all that done no problem.

I've been eating way too much candy and junk and soda food lately. Being at school for the play for 6 or more hours at a time makes it hard to eat anything of true substance. I'm gonna really try to get better about that this week. I also wish it would stop raining so I could be outside some! I wanna ride my bike and go for long walks and lately (not only have I not had the time) the weather hasn't been doing what I want it to do :(
On Friday I helped the Fine Arts Department at the school picnic and got a funky sunburn. My nose started pealing this morning. That's the one thing I really don't like about the sun. You can get so unexpectedly burnt.

I have plans to make this dress once summer starts:

We used this pattern during the play for the wedding dress. It was so beautiful that I had to get the pattern for myself! I can't wait to make it and wear it :)



  1. Yes, you must eat better. Yes, you must make this dress. And, yes, you must get out in the sun!! Where did it go? ~Kelly

  2. I agree with everything Kelly said, but also -- are you going to make one of these dresses for me?? 'Cause I am IN LOVE.

  3. Haha! Okay, Monique. I can do that. When I see you this summer we will get your measurements and go pick out a fabric! I can't wait!