Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I usually don't like when people talk about holidays and plan for them/decorate etc. when there is still another holiday to celebrate before that one arrives! (Example: when Christmas music is playing and stores are decorating for Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving!) But today I'm going to write about New Years resolutions and what I plan to do for next year.

A few years ago I had a friend that told me she was challenging herself to work on a new resolution every month of the year. Instead of working for a few weeks and then giving up...this would be a way to keep things fresh and to keep motivation. Also, I think it is a great way to incorporate multiple things into your life without overwhelming yourself. And then, if you like what you did that month you can keep it up and if you didn't...well, at least you tried something new!

So this is my plan as of now:
January: Go to at least 1 yoga class a week and start meditating
February: Work out every day for at least 30 minutes (to get myself looking good for my birthday in March!)
March: Wear makeup/do my hair/dress nice every day (maybe I'll do the 30 for 30 challenge!)
April: Learn to cook basic meals
May: Hoop for 30 minutes a day
June: Plan accordingly and ride my bike as much as possible.
July: Explore 4 new places in Missouri that I have never been to
August: Finish all projects that I have started. Sewing or art.
September: Eat nothing but whole foods 4 days a week
October: Do random acts of kindness
November: Sew something new each week
December: Bake and bake and bake and give and give and give

All year long:
*Post at the start of each month what my goal for that month is, then check in and write a few sentences each day or few about if I did it or not*
*Keep trying new foods as often as possible. Start to incorporate them into my daily menu*
*Make at least one new craft a month and blog about it*
*Save money for the first half of the year so I can visit my sister in California!*
*Read often*
*Knit often*
*Learn to embroidery*
*Learn to crochet*
*Be more active in supporting and participating in my local the theatre/music/dance/art community*
I'll probably add more later! This is a great start though, I think :)

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