Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life Style Change: Goals/Day1

I think by now we all know I don't follow through with things. It is something I have hated about myself for years. But I'm the only one who can change it...
...so here I go!

I was looking at Pinterest today and became really inspired by all the workout pins I saw. I found a bunch that I am going to print out and pin up on my wall for inspiration. 

Today is only Day 1. I'm not going to stress/freak-out/rush/over-do-it. I'm not going to get down if I eat some ice cream or some pizza. I'm going to watch portions and not over do it. 
Change takes time and I can't be perfect over night. 
I WILL mess up
I WILL NOT get it right the first time, every time
As long as I'm making progress I should be happy

This post called The College Girl Diet was very encouraging and gave me quite a few ideas. I used her ideas and my own to create this:

New Lifestyle Goals
1. The No's: 
no soda
no fast food
no candy
2. More Water
goal: finish 3 of my 24oz CamelBak a day
3. More Moving
stretch every day
I'm going to be trying different workout plans that I found on Pinterest and on other sites. I just plan on posting a link to whatever it is I'm getting my routine from at the time.
4. During The Day
no eating while watching TV/movies
no eating while on the computer
no eating at work
snack healthy
tighten abs throughout the day
Lazy Girl Fitness is something I'm going to try to do more of around the house
5. While Eating
drink 2 glasses of water 15min before eating
chew longer
eat slower
drink in between bites 
watch portions
*Don't Stress About Being Perfect**80/20 Ratio*

So today I did this:

It was easy and didn't take very long. The hardest part was making sure I was tightening my abs while doing everything. I could feel the workout more by doing that. 

I can do this! I can make this happen! 
I can be happy!

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