Friday, July 27, 2012

Chef Hoop-a-loop is my roommate!

I wanted to do a post about my roommate, Sarah, who is competing in Springfield's Got Talent tonight with her wonderful hooping skills!
She is one of 15 acts that will be performing and competing for $2000!!!
If she wins she said she is going to use the money to purchase a fire hoop.

Earlier this week she was on the news.
You can watch the 4 minute video of her interview and a preview of what she can do here.

She is also a very talented culinary student and knows her stuff when it comes to food and being healthy. She is motivated and works hard at life to get what she wants and to get where she wants to go.
I am proud to call her my roommate and even more proud to say she is my friend.

Break a leg tonight, Sarah!
You will rock it!

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