Monday, April 18, 2011


Haha! The next three weeks are gonna get crazy up in here.
"Why's that?" you may be asking. Well this is why:
I have an art project that needs to be finished (needed to be finished a few weeks ago. woops!) this week. And by this week I mean today. Wednesday by 3pm at the VERY latest. Also in my art class we are plaster casting our arms and hands and we each have to make about 6 of them. I have 5, some of which need to be patched up, and I need to do the 6th. Then they need to dry for at least 24 hours, be sanded down to be smooth, then each one has to be painted after different artists. Every arm that is made and painted needs to be different. This all has to be done by April 30th. We only meet in class 3 more times before then.
Okay, that doesn't sound so horrible.
But I'm not done!!
I really need to practice some for my piano class. We are getting to the point in music theory where I always get lost and can never figure out what the teacher is saying. It becomes gibrish to me. So I gotta figure that out.
Then there is my costume design class. I have three weeks to make the most adorable rain coat I will have ever seen (if it all works out right!). Again, not so bad except for when you take into account that EVERY NIGHT next week will be taken up doing stuff for the costumes with the school play. Opening night is April 29th. We still don't have everything we need yet, more shopping is to be done. Organizing and labeling too. Then the next week will be spent getting ready for the Student Showcase for First Friday Art Walk here at OTC. It is the most stressful Art Walk of the semester.

This week - 2 art projects, sewing my rain coat, doing some last minute costume stuff for the play
Next week - Play rehearsal/run through every night, opening night on Friday and shows on Saturday and Sunday too
First week of May - more painting for art, more sewing my rain coat, setting up Art Walk.

After that week I will have one week of normal classes then a week of finals.

THEN IT'S SUMMER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No me gusta on the next three weeks!
Me gusta on the whole summer thing :)
Wish me luck as I take on mucho work-o.
(Don't worry, it will all be done with a smile on my face because these are all things I love!)

Pictures that make me happy:

Something for me to remember for the next few weeks:



  1. you can do it because you're awesome!! i guess there's no time for skyping then ... but we have the whole summer! are you going to come visit me? :)

  2. Thank you :)
    There will be time. This week I hope. I'll do my best to remember to text you when I know I'll be free!
    I can't come visit you. Because you are coming to visit me!!!