Monday, October 14, 2013

Blogging again

I know I've posted a couple times recently. Well, more recently than I had been before. I think the reason I got out of it was because all the blogs I was reading (and the ones I'm reading today) are all specifically geared toward something:
Make Up
Home Decor
Sewing Projects
So I felt like I needed to have mine be about one specific thing or it wouldn't be worth blogging.
Silly me.
This isn't true. Because this is MY BLOG. I can make it be about anything I want it to be about.
So if you feel like reading then go ahead. I might be journaling about my life or a thought or idea that's been on my mind one day and I might be posting pictures galore another. I'm doing this for me. I feel like doing this will help me keep organized and on track for all the different things in my life I want to start working on, becoming better at and accomplishing.

So there's that.

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