Monday, October 14, 2013

My Other

A lot of craziness has happened this year and I thought I would take a minute to lead up to where I am now with my other.
Two Decembers ago I moved into a duplex with a gay guy friend of mine named Chase. We signed a 6 month lease and I didn't even get to live there for 3 months. He was too messy but blamed me for all of his problems. I was having to be a mother rather than a roommate and was sick of it. Fights and fights led to me moving out and losing my deposit. I stayed with my mom and friends for the next month and then found an apartment with my friend, Sarah that May. That went great for a while and then we decided to go our own ways in February of 2013. Nothing happened between us, we are still friends, we were just ready to do different things. I was only planning to stay with my other for a month or so until I could save enough for a deposit and find a new apartment to rent. I wasn't able to find a job like I had hoped and ended up staying another month. Then another month. Then it was the summer. 
This June something traumatic happened to us, though not nearly as traumatic as what our roommate at the time, Kevin, went through. We left for a walk to a couple friends houses that lived on our same street one evening. We were not expecting to be gone but an hour or so. When we arrived home we saw Kevin covered in blood saying he couldn't see and needed medical help. After a crazy night with cops and parents and lots of blood we figured out that about 5 guys with guns came into our house and beat up our roommate and stole many of our personal items including a TV, 2 computers and a safe with money and important papers stored in in.
We were not going to be staying at that house any more. We stayed with his parents for about a month instead while we looked for our own place together.
We moved into our cute one bedroom apartment at the first of August. I love it. And I love living with him.
I'm learning so much about him and about being around and having to interact with people other than those I've been around my whole life. 
Before, I feel like I had one view of how things were supposed to go. Of how things were supposed to be communicated. Boy was I wrong! 
I've realized that timing is one of the key factors in living with someone. You have to be aware and careful of when you say and do things and of when certain ideas and conversations should be presented to the other person.
Respect is the other. Respecting someones space and mood is so crucial to getting along in 4 small rooms (let's say 3 because who wants to hang out in the bathroom?)
He makes me happier than I imagined I could be. He takes care of me and pays attention to the important things. He loves me and accepts me for who I am on the inside and out. I feel like that because of him I have grown to be a much better person and care for myself more, even. I'm excited to see where our relationship goes and how it develops and what he will teach me next. :)
I'm loving the location of our new place and I'm also loving how it is developing slowly into OUR place. Things are being hung and arranged as they need to be. Nothing is being rushed and it feels like us. There are still many projects to be done but each step just makes me happier and happier.


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