Sunday, February 6, 2011

30 for 30 Items

So this is what I have chosen for my 30 items: 

5 Short Sleeved Shirts:
(L to R) Target, Old Navy, Old Navy, Deilas, Old Navy

2 Long Sleeved Shirts:
(L to R) Old Navy, Kohals?

3 Sweaters:
(L to R) Old Navy, New York Learner, Old Navy

4 Cardigans and Jackets:
(L to R) Sams Club, Old Navy, Old Navy, Found Online (gift)

4 Dresses:
(L to R) Old Navy, Forever 21, Target, Delias

3 Skirts:
(L to R) Old Navy, Forever 21, Target

3 Pants:
(L to R) New York Learner, Old Navy, Old Navy

5 Shoes:
(L to R) Shoe Carnival?, Shoe Carnival, Shoe Carnival, Found Online (gift), Found Online

Now if you count this only adds up to 29. I might throw something else in as the month goes on :)


  1. that's why i use the photobucket collage edit. :) i love your pieces! can't wait to see your first outfit tomorrow. :)

  2. you have great colors in here! my two favorite items are your red shoes (i need some red flats in my life. like, NEED.) and your caramel-colored leather (?) jacket. oh man, those are awesome. excited to see them!
    -brittney (fellow remixer)