Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day Seven (Tuesday)

It started getting warmer over the weekend and today was great but there was a bit of a cool breeze (no me gusta) that made it a bit too cold but it was still nice. 
I got this dress as a birthday gift a year or two ago and haven't worn it much but I love it. I think I'm hesitant with wearing it because there are so many different colors and lots of colors scare me. Or used to at least...I'm starting to like color!

navy cardigan - sams club
dress - delias (gift)
boots - gift from my mom
tights - who knows!?
belt - thrifted
orange heart necklace - old navy
door hinge necklace - made by me

I had a bit of a stressful day but I'm feeling much better now. Good long talk with my mother, great dinner of spaghetti and ice cream and now I'm watching Harry Potter-Year Two! 
 Cute picture :)

P.S. Check out last Fridays outfit..I updated it with a real picture of me!

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