Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day Four (Wednesday)

I apologize that again I don't have a picture of me for you. Just pictures of the items I wore. 
Yesterday was so hard to make myself wear something from my 30 items. It has been freezing cold (literally) with either wind, snow or a combination of the two every day for 2 weeks (or so it seems). 
No me gusta!
I'm ready for Spring. Cute skirts and dresses with light jackets and cardigans!! My fav. I plan to do the 30 for 30 again in the Spring with Kendi Everyday so I'll be able to show off what my style is better. I don't have many winter clothes so I just layer up and hope to stay warm in the winter. But only having 30 items makes it hard to layer up... especially if all I want to wear is sweats and I'm supposed to be trying to look cute. 

Any-who... here are your pictures for yesterdays outfit :)

shirt - old navy
jeans - old navy
converse - who knows!

I wore this with a black zip up hoodie that I embellished myself (okay, maybe that's cheating but it's COLD OUTSIDE!!!) and also with a short chained small cream anchor necklace. 
So exciting, I know! Right?

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