Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mannequins and Sand Paper

For Christmas my mom got me an adjustable mannequin for my sewing. It looked cool but my mom had the idea of dressing it up. I had a cute blue dress on it that I made in high school and this week when I came home one evening she had changed her and I LOVED the outfit. So much so that I'm going to post a picture of it!

I think the reason I love this outfit so much is because since I bought the jacket, skirt and belt I haven't worn them more than two or three times. I think the other reason that I love this outfit is because my mom was the one who picked it out :)
Way to go mom!!!!!!!
Also, we gave her a name. Annie Marie. We were trying to think of famous women without heads. We thought of Marie Antoinette!
I like it :)

This evening my mom and I started a project that we plan to work on together. We were storing some old furniture at my uncles office and we got it all from him today and started sanding it down. 

It is just an old cabinet with a skeleton lock. That picture is before we cleaned it off.
These pictures are our start on it:

Hope you had a fabulous Saturday :)


  1. fun project, i wish i could refinish furniture with you guys!! and i love that you dress your mannequin, and i really really like that outfit. are you going to wear it someday ??


  2. I plan to put those pieces in my Spring 30 for 30. And I plan to be better about that 30 for 30 than this current one :)