Friday, February 11, 2011

Day Five (Thursday)

I promise I will catch up on my outfit days soon! :)
And, unfortunately, I have yet again failed to bring you a real picture of the outfit.
It is hard to take pictures every day because I'm always rushing out the door in the morning, gone all day at work and school, then hanging out at my friends house, then home (sometimes early enough that pictures can be taken) but by then I usually just want to take a shower and change and relax. I'm always too tired to try to look cute for a few pictures. 

sweater - new york learner
jeans - old navy
boots - found online

I wore the boots outside of my jeans and wore the sweater as a longer shirt (my cousin has the same sweater and she wears it as a dress with leggings) I never wear this top but it was so soft and warm that I think I will most definitely hang on to it for next winter! 
Every morning I feel like I have nothing to wear when I look at the section of my closet that has my 30 items. And if I can find an outfit that I like I never feel like wearing it because it's too cold outside or just because I'm too tired and want to go back to bed! But next week it should be up into the upper 50s lower 60s so I shouldn't be complaining as much :)

I hope you have a wonderful Friday full of fun and laughter. 
(sounds cheesy but I really hope you do)

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